A Turnaround

September 8, 2021 This is the first of several posts that will be about my mother. Hello there, today I want to talk about challenging and complicated relationships. One of the most complex relationships I ever had was the relationship I had with my mother. Unfortunately, our relationship was rocky at best and very tumultuousContinue reading “A Turnaround”

When You Have a Challenging Day

This post is not what I intended to be the next post; however, this is what came to me after a recent fall. Do you sometimes feel as though discouragement is just about everywhere? I mean, you have a goal in mind, i.e., to lose weight, get your finances under control, be healthy, etc. YouContinue reading “When You Have a Challenging Day”

Taking Time for Yourself

March 22, 2021           I don’t know about you, but our household is very active, constantly something going on. There are lots of great moments and despite the necessity to be in the same house together, so much due to the pandemic, we have great opportunities to watch movies, eat together, play games, etc. ThenContinue reading “Taking Time for Yourself”

Keeping a Positive Outlook

The weather here in Chicago was pretty bad the past few weeks, with snow coming down regularly. Because the accumulation was so consistent, when leaving the house, day-to-day was hit or miss whether we would be able to get out of the parking lot situated at the back of our townhouse. This situation was moreContinue reading “Keeping a Positive Outlook”