April 5, 2021; 4:26 pm

My random thoughts for today for this new month are what your vision is? I was reminded this morning of the idea God has given me. The dream is not completed, but I am working towards it each day, and I have become a little closer to fulfilling the vision.

Do you have a new vision? If not, take some time out today or later this week and start imagining what you want your life to look like. If your life is already exactly the way you want it, then you are way ahead of the game. But perhaps there is something new you want to work towards. A hobby? Working out? Losing weight? Every day is a new day and is a chance to start something new.

Published by Samella McClary-Brown

Hi, allow me to introduce myself. I am Samella McClary-Brown and I am branching out as a Life Coach. I began developing my life coaching skills when I started as a secretary and then advanced to administrative assistant. After some time, my husband and I started a family and, as a result, inspired me to open a successful in-home daycare service. While running this business, I went back to school and earned both an associate's and a bachelor's degree in childcare services and authored and self-published Suddenly (Samella Trent) a romance novel. Currently, I am a stay-at-home mom caring for my two children; working on a book and overseeing two Facebook groups I created; one to encourage writers and one to promote positivity and self-esteem. I am a testament that it isn't too late to begin again. Because of my ability to set goals and accomplish those dreams, I am now inspired to put those skills to work for you. This blog will focus on writing tips, time management and sharing updates on my writing progress. Being a life coach is the next endeavor that God has placed in my heart and I would like to serve as your life coach to help you get to your next level. Do you have a dream or a project you are working on and want someone to come alongside you and encourage you? I would love to provide one-on-one support.

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