Keeping a Positive Outlook

The weather here in Chicago was pretty bad the past few weeks, with snow coming down regularly. Because the accumulation was so consistent, when leaving the house, day-to-day was hit or miss whether we would be able to get out of the parking lot situated at the back of our townhouse. This situation was more than a little frustrating, to say the least, which caused me enormous amounts of anxiety when the time came to run simple errands such as appointments to the doctor. Driving and parking can cause me anxiety, particularly in the snow and on one of the occasions, I will be honest with you, I was very disappointed when my car got stuck in the snow and I was not able to go to my appointment. However, with some reflecting and thinking on the situation, I realized that perhaps I wasn’t supposed to go to the appointment after all and was thankful that I had gotten stuck. And the next time, I was stuck, I was able to stay calm and refocus my thoughts and remain positive.

However, the snow has begun to thaw and there are only a few patches of snow left around our neighborhood.  And I’m pretty sure there is still a long way off before spring is here; I take this as a good sign. The thawing out of the snow reminded me how life is sometimes. There are various seasons in life, and in some of those times, it feels as though things won’t ever change, that you are in the midst of a more wintry season than spring. It can be a challenge, but it is at those times that we need to try to remember that even the most challenging of times that there will be a thawing (a change) of sorts at some point and to hold onto the positives of life.

When experiencing challenges, take a moment to look around you and find something positive in your life, right at that moment. It can be something as simple as the sun is shining when yesterday, the snow was coming down hard. Or finding enjoyment in watching your toddler play on the floor, enjoying that moment because children do grow up quicker than you think. Or that you had enough money for a cup of cappuccino from your favorite coffee house.

The more time you take to look at the positives in life, the less likely your circumstances will cause you to lose your joy.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this.

Published by Samella McClary-Brown

Hi, allow me to introduce myself. I am Samella McClary-Brown and I am branching out as a Life Coach. I began developing my life coaching skills when I started as a secretary and then advanced to administrative assistant. After some time, my husband and I started a family and, as a result, inspired me to open a successful in-home daycare service. While running this business, I went back to school and earned both an associate's and a bachelor's degree in childcare services and authored and self-published Suddenly (Samella Trent) a romance novel. Currently, I am a stay-at-home mom caring for my two children; working on a book and overseeing two Facebook groups I created; one to encourage writers and one to promote positivity and self-esteem. I am a testament that it isn't too late to begin again. Because of my ability to set goals and accomplish those dreams, I am now inspired to put those skills to work for you. This blog will focus on writing tips, time management and sharing updates on my writing progress. Being a life coach is the next endeavor that God has placed in my heart and I would like to serve as your life coach to help you get to your next level. Do you have a dream or a project you are working on and want someone to come alongside you and encourage you? I would love to provide one-on-one support.

4 thoughts on “Keeping a Positive Outlook

  1. This is so true. Finding something – or even anything – positive to focus on can really help you from being bogged down in all that is negative.


  2. This is a wonderful blog. Learning to be positive and more creative are things I need to work on. Thank you for pointing the way.


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